We really don’t think about our gut or digestion until something goes wrong. It’s just something that automatically happens without ever considering the vital importance that without it, we would not receive the fuel that is vital to sustain life.

The gut is often referred to the “second brain” because surrounding it, is enough brain cells (neurons) that equals size of a cats brain. Not only does the gut have its own “brain substation” it also has the most concentrated immune system than any other part of the body. Your army is prepared to fight and kill any invader (pathogen) that can threaten your life or well being. The body is so superbly designed that where the outside world meets the inside world, systems are charged and ready to go to grab what it needs and keep out what it doesn’t.


The body has backup system after backup system so we really have to try very hard to get sick, yet in our modern world this is becoming easier to achieve and all the medical research and best medical minds, can not give us any firm answers despite living in a time where we have had the greatest medical advances. Food intolerance and allergies are a prime example of this modern day phenomenon. All medical profession seem to agree upon, is that its a relatively new problem and most likely linked to our changing environment, as people in the last century did not suffer in the same numbers or to the same extent as we are today.

So what are the most common digestive complaints that drive people to seek Colonic Hydrotherapy?

  • Feeling bloated, heavy or distended shortly after meals
  • Painful bloating without any apparent reason
  • Gassiness that often has an overpowering smell
  • Constipation (Fact: Constipation drugs are the most prescribed drugs in the world, making pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars each year in revenue)
  • Pain when passing stools that can be hard or dry often associated with minor bleeding
  • Diarrhoea or alternating from constipation to diarrhoea
  • Undigested foods in the stool
  • Allergies & Food intolerances
  • IBS- Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Candida Albicans and other forms of yeast overgrowth
  • Suspected parasites


Qualified colon therapist understand the digestive system and what can possible cause these complaints. Most colon therapists do not believe that drugs are the long term solution as they often contribute to unwanted side effects and sometimes compact the problem. Constipation is a prime example of this, where the drugs may work initially but long term use causes the bowel walls to lose their “fitness” to move faecal matter on their own (weak peristalsis) encouraging lazy and sluggish bowel movements forever guaranteeing a dependance on constipation drugs (….a cunning plan!)


The solution lies with recommending better food, better lifestyle choices, natural supplements and colonic hydrotherapy to help the digestive system rest, recover and encourage it to do what its designed to do. Colonic therapy is a fitness program for sluggish bowels as it “trains” peristalsis (bowel movement) back into peak performance. You can’t eat and do all the wrong things and just rely on Colonic Hydrotherapy or the occasional healthy bowel supplement such as probiotics.

To get the best results from Colonic Hydrotherapy, lifestyle has to be assessed and form part of the overall therapy to achieve better health and wellness.