Colonic cleansing is about returning your body back to vitality through removal of waste by clearing the large intestine of mucoid plaque and other matter.

Cleansing is an ancient tradition similar to fasting, except it provides many key benefits.



Why do we need Colonic Cleansing

The western diet, with its acidic food, modern lifestyle and stress has caused the body to react and great a sort of protective wall called mucoid plaque between the food ready to be digested and the large intestine. By removing this barrier we can achieve dramatic results in health, depending on each persons condition. Here are some of the benefits people have reported.


1. Detox or removing toxins from the body

There is a theory know as autointoxication. Basically, it means undigested food like meat cause mucus (mucoid-plaque) build-up in the colon. The theory and science suggest this mucus enters the body as toxins and prevents the proper absorption or digestion of foods, hence optimal healing cannot occur. Due to unhealthy eating habits the body creates the plaque to protect itself from acids, toxic compounds like drugs (aspirin and alcohol), table salt, heavy metals, chemicals and the toxins produced by incomplete digestion and absorption of food.

2. Return vitality, more energy

Our body is like a computer hard drive. At first it has ample storage and is fast and flexible. As we begin to fill it, it becomes sluggish and slow. If we want to return it to the original state we format it. For our physical bodies, we do a cleanse to return back to vitality. For some people a single session may be enough, for others it may take more. It all depends what state your body is in to begin with. However, for all patients – differences in how you feel should be apparent quickly. Perhaps after the colonic, or perhaps just by having more energy.

3. Reduce sickness

By reducing the amount of energy needed to digest food, by assimilated more nutrients from what you do eat and by not having toxins enter the blood stream, the body will become healthier hence less sickness.

4. Improve immune system

When over-worked or somewhat stressed due to the mucoid-plaque build-up, the bodies autoimmune system is not at its peak. The system has been compromised. But once cleansed, its back to normal.

5. Stabilise or lose weight

Often weight gain is due to over-eating as toxins reduce the ability to burn fat.

6. Improve skin, reduce acne

Detoxing improves acne, and strengthens hair and nails, and gives us a natural, healthy glow.

7. Reduce ageing effect

When wellness and vitality comes reduced free-radicals helping to reduce the ageing effect.

8. Restore balance

Strong body helps to restore our emotions through a feeling of wellness, restoring balance.