People are often apprehensive when they attend their first colonic hydrotherapy session as they have many unanswered questions. Below we have listed the most common questions asked.





Do I do it myself or is there someone with me?

We don’t provide self-applied colonics. Our service is specialised requiring a trained colonic hydrotherapist to be present not only for your comfort and safety but to gain maximum benefit from the session offering valuable interpretation of results.


How long will a Colonic session take?

Allow for an hour as time needs to be set aside to change and evacuate the bowel after the colonic session. Time of the colonic machine when conducted by a qualified colonic hydrotherapist, will take 25-40 minutes depending on the individual. The most important thing a client can do is to concentrate on relaxing the abdomen so more can be released faster with less effort.

Our colonic hydrotherapists massage the abdomen in certain locations at appropriate times during the colonic session accelerating the release and dislodging stubborn material adhered to the wall of the bowel.


Is modesty left at the door when having a colonic?

We are very mindful of people’s modesty during a Colonic.  At our clinic, we offer a cotton t-shirt and wrap around towel to change into. These are supplied so you are comfortable and covered during the entire procedure. Next to the colonic table, there is a private changing room equipped with toilet and shower.

The procedure is explained in detail so you are completely informed prior and during the process. People often comment on how surprised they are with the degree of useful information provided.

If you have ever had a pap smear or a prostate exam,  you may experience slight embarrassment for a few seconds but you soon recover as the people attending are professional and extremely mindful of vulnerable you may be feeling.


What should I do before I have a Colonic Session?

Before you have a Colonic session there are essentially 2 options.

First Option

Do nothing different beforehand as it gives the colonic hydrotherapist a true and accurate view of the state of your colon when they see you the first time. This way they can advise you better.

The colonic session will clear things out regardless of any short term changes to your diet so you will not waste a session.

Second Option

Groom the digestive system for a good elimination 2 days prior to your colonic appointment by eat lighter and smaller meals as well as hydrating your body by drinking lots of water between meals.

Making fresh veggie juices and soups is preferable with little to no animal products. Exercising also stimulates regular bowel action.

On the day of the colonic session, we recommend eating light meals and not having any food 2 hours prior the appointment. It is important to keep hydrating with water and to avoid stressful situations prior and post colonic procedure to enable the body to continue with its cleansing process.


What happens at the end of the session?

The session is at a close when very little comes out and a “caecum flush” is observed which looks similar to pea soup. This is the fresh stool that comes from the ascending colon which means the colonic water has gone all the way around to the beginning of the large intestine. Following the caecum flush, the Colonic Hydrotherapist will continue for another minute or two until the water comes out cleaner with an occasional fluff of white clean mucous.


Other questions.

Will I experience discomfort or pain when I have a Colonic?

Is the colonic procedure safe and sanitary, does the therapist have proper training?

What supplements are recommended after a colonic?

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