Most risks associated with Colonics are related to poor hygiene, poor practices, unqualified persons conducting the procedure and clinics not using disposable single use kits.

Given the sensitive nature of the procedure, self administering the rectal speculum is not recommended as often it is inserted the wrong angle, the wrong depth and certain medical conditions such as rectal polyps, fissures, growths, haemorrhoids etc.. are not excluded prior the procedure.

Colonic hydrotherapy is very safe providing it is done correctly. Scraping and damaging the rectal wall trying to insert the speculum is not a good start and completely avoidable when conducted by a professional.


  • Does the clinic use disposable kits (speculums and hoses)?
  • Does the clinic filter and use UV light on all water used by the Colonic machine?
  • Where is the Colonic machine made? (Germany or China)
  • Is the Colonic machine TGA government approved?
  • Is the colonic machine & surfaces cleaned after each procedure with hospital grade cleaning agents?
  • Does the colonic room have hands free basins?
  • Does the clinic offer ensuite toilet and shower facilities?
  • Does the room and facilities look and smell sparkling clean?
  • What qualifications does the Colonic Hydrotherapist have? (Hydrotherapy + Level 2 First Aid Certificate) and are their qualifications Australian or overseas?
  • What Associations is the Colonic Hydrotherapist a member of and do they have any other additional qualifications such as Naturopathy, Nutrition, Acupuncture etc..?
  • Does the Colonic Hydrotherapist keep records of treatment history, clinical findings and methodology?
  • Does the Colonic Hydrotherapist have public liability?