It is generally advised that probiotics are taken straight after a colonic hydrotherapy session to re-establish healthy numbers of good bacteria keeping bad bacteria and fungii (candida albicans) numbers to a minimum as colonics is a good detox process.

The type of bacteria that colonises in your gut plays a large role in respect to gut health. It could make all the difference especially if you suffer from abdominal discomfort, food intolerances or thrush. We strongly urge people to take probiotics as part of their gut recovery regime as bacteria play a leads role in our health.

Science has only in the last few years started to recognise the importance of the complex bacterial ecosystems that exist in our bodies. In fact, no living thing can exist without the presence of bacteria. In our gut we have over 500 species weighing roughly 2kg that forms the basis of our digestive system and significantly contributes to our immune system in a positive way. Some good bacteria produce antibiotics that kill life threatening bad bacteria, they can even lessen the effect of food poisoning when eating contaminated food, produce enzymes and vitamins and also assist with nutrient uptake helping to nourish the body.

Science says that every body has its own unique bacterial ecosystems, just like our finger print. Bacteria start to enter us at birth when we travel down the birth canal. It said that this process is so important that in some hospitals Caesarian babies are now being swabbed with the mothers vaginal bacteria so as they are not disadvantaged. Colostrum, breast milk and then food all contribute to our unique bacterial ecosystem that develop and help sustain us and prevent disease.

So if we get such a good start what goes wrong? When we take antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, birth control pill, pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, chlorine, household disinfectants, alcohol combined with high levels of processed foods, excessive sugar and a fast pace stressful life, bad bacteria start to dominate.


Rules of thumb

  • good food= good bacteria
  • bad food= bad bacteria
  • smelly/putride farts= bad bacteria
  • <10sec bowel action= good bacteria
  • bowel action within 2 hours of eating= good bacteria
  • the more good bacteria we kill the higher the chance of developing disease
  • organic foods and fermented foods (e.g. sugarless yogurts, sauerkraut, miso,tofu) = a good variety of healthy bacteria


Activated Charcoal

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Detox Supplement

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