About us

receptionWe choose to focus on what makes people healthy and apply those principles to people of all ages so they can live and age with robust health.

We believe there is a difference between being “treated” and being cared for. With this approach, you will always be seen as an individual and never as a diagnosis or label.

We believe this personal approach is the necessary evolution of healthcare, and we are ready for you to join us in creating a better future, one family at a time.

We have talented practitioners that consist of Chiropractors, Physios, Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Colonic Hydrotherapists & Acupuncturist all working together to get the best results possible.

To understand how we can help you, first you must understand us a little better to make sure you have made the right choice in selecting us as your health care provider. If you resonate with our health philosophy then you will know you are amongst like minded individuals striving towards a common goal…..to obtain, encourage and maintain better health for all those in our community.

You see we believe without any doubt 5 major health premises and it is from these health premises that the majority of our clinical decisions and recommendations are derived.

Health Premise # 1 “The body is a self healing and self regulating entity with innate intelligence”.

Health Premise # 2 “Health Comes From Within” .

Health Premise # 3 “To call medicine… health care or wellness care is an oxymoron, medicine is all about “sick care” not health care”.

Health Premise # 4 “The nervous system is the master control system of the entire body hence a normal functioning nervous system is critical to health”. In particularly this has been a founding philosophy by our Chiropractors and many neuroscientists.

Health Premise # 5 “The majority of health complaints are linked to 3 lifestyle stressors”

  • physical (how you use your body)
  • biochemical (what you put into your body) and
  • psychological (the mind/body connection)

It is not enough to simply say what you believe without the why.