Most people feel quite comfortable and rarely complain of any discomfort. Because we only offer a “Closed Colonic System” there is always a qualified colonic hydrotherapist with you throughout the procedure. This is very important as adjusting the temperature and pressure of the water combined with an abdominal massage where appropriate reduces any unpleasant sensations.

You can imagine a person that has significant faecal matter impacted in the bowel who has not had a bowel action in over 3 weeks would require a completely different approach  compared to an individual that has daily  bowel actions and simply wants to detox. Releasing unregulated amounts of water into the bowel with unregulated  pressure or temperature will cause unnecessary expansion of the bowel wall causing cramping and pain.

With an “Open Colonic System” where people are left to make their own judgements and decisions in a DIY environment, the same could not be said regarding discomfort and pain levels. We have had patients that have described severe cramping during the procedure that can only be explained by the fact that you have people controlling a system of water and pressure with minimal instructions and a button to press should things go wrong.

From a business perspective it is cheaper to install an “Open Colonic System” as you do not need to hire qualified staff, but from a ethical perspective where you have a duty of care for your patients the “Closed Colonic System” in our opinion is the way a professional Colonic centre should be operated.

Having said that, the most common thing people mention is the familiar sensation they feel when passing a stool but feel a little strange as they are lying down rather than sitting on the toilet.

In situations where the people suffer from “leaky gut” where the colon wall is more permeable to harmful substances due to the presence of allergens or certain medical conditions, they can feel a little queasy.

The reason for this is as the water soaks off the toxic wastes some toxins that are released can escape through the highly permeable colon wall entering the lymphatic and blood systems causing short term liver overload. The liver is the major detoxifying organ in the body and will cope with this short term overload easily providing it is healthy and not taxed by disease.

Some people may feel ‘light headed’ as the water starts to evacuate masses of waste from the colon. The brain quickly perceives this sudden mass movement and starts to release a rush of endorphins (happy hormones) that gives a sensation of light headedness or  ‘sea sickness’. If you feel this way ask your therapist for something sweet as this usually takes care of these mild sensations.